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3 Things You Should Consider While Finding Shampoo For Hair Loss

Know your hair type

Every individual has a different hair type. There are many parameters to judge your hair type and take actions according to that. To know your hair type for buying a shampo untuk rambut rontok, you should check your hair density, porosity, diameter, elasticity, the amount of oil secreted by your scalp, and the type of your hair, straight, curly, or wavy. Once you know this, you are one step closer to buying the right shampoo.

Learn about your hair concerns

After knowing your hair type, you must know what is wrong with your hair and causing so much hair fall. There are many reasons like dandruff, scalp issues, weakened hair roots, or it may be because you have colored hair. You can do to a specialist to know the right problem and then purchase a shampoo for hair loss accordingly after checking ingredients.

Always check the pH of the shampoo.

The pH of the shampoo plays a very vital role in shampo untuk rambut rontok. So, take care of that. The shampoos which have a pH in the range of 4.5 to 5.5 are considered better than others. These shampoos keep the scalp a little acidic to prevent any fungal growth and hence, keeping your scalp in good health.

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