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5 Areas of Your House You Should Invest in Before Putting It up for Sale and Hosting an Open House

You cannot sell your house at a good price if it looks old and broken. So before you can put it up for sale and host an open house, you will have to invest in your house. This investment is for making the house look as good as new so that you can attract more buyers and land a better deal.

Here are the areas that you should look into.

#1 Front Yard

When people come to attend the open house, the first thing they will look at is the house itself. Before that, however, they will have to go over your front yard, and that is where they will get their initial impression regarding the property.

You do not have to do much with the yard. Start by purchasing a lawnmower and getting rid of overgrown grass. Doing so will make your front yard look a thousand times better. Then, see if you can get rid of dead trees in your yard. You do not want people to think they have come to see a house from a horror movie. Finally, once all that is done, take a look at your fence. You can get a few simple tools and try to mend them. In case the fence is beyond repair, you should think of replacing it completely.

#2 The Walls and Ceiling

Next up, you need to do something about your walls and ceiling.

For the walls, you will need to work on both the inner as well as outer ones. The outer walls need a bit of extra care. Since they are more exposed to different environmental factors like rain, heat, and dust, you will have to give them a coat of masonry paint. This sort of coating will prevent the rain from damaging the walls. At the same time, it also allows moisture to escape the walls as necessary.

The inner walls are more about the appeal. So you might want to consider colors that go with the setup inside your house. For instance, a minimalist theme requires you to ditch flashy colors and opt for more soothing and light colors like grey or light blue.

#3 Front Deck

The deck area is very important for many people. They see it as a place where they can enjoy some quality family time. So it might displease them if they find that your patio or front deck is out of shape or looks old and broken.

To fix your deck, start by replacing old or broken boards. Then you need to make the whole space look new and glossy. For that, you can buy decking oil, and coat it over the deck. Decking oils add a natural color to the deck. And since they are oil-based, they provide long-lasting protection from heat. After you are done, your deck will get a new and shiny look to it, something that will surely appeal to your buyers.

#4 Floor and Stairs

Just like you took care of your deck, you need to do the same for the floors and stairs inside the house. Besides looking for broken floorboards or cracks, you also need to check the railings on your stairs. 

Give them a thorough cleaning, but before that, see if the railings feel loose. You would not want your buyers to feel that the stairs are falling apart when they see that the railings are loose. So check the brackets and see if there are any loose screws. In some cases, it is also possible that you need to change the entire frame.

#5 Bathroom Fixtures

You do not have to change or do anything with the bathroom fixtures if they are new or well-maintained. However, if that is not the case, it is in your best interest to do something about it.

Given that you are planning to sell the house, you can look at the situation in two ways. Since you are leaving, you would not want to spend money on buying new fixtures. Then again, at the open house, visitors might not like what they see. The thought of having to spend money on these minor details might make potential buyers lose their interest. 

So, to make sure you land a good impression, it is better if you get new fixtures, or at least give the old ones a proper wash with dish soap or vinegar solution.

Looking into these areas and investing in them will allow you to appeal to your potential buyers. So do not hesitate to spend money if needed. Otherwise, you might end up losing valuable customers.


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