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A Guide on How to Buy Your Next New Motorcycle from Dealership

A motorcycle is an expensive purchase. It requires a lot of planning before investing your money on it. Going to an auto dealer is one of the popular ways to buy a new motorcycle. Let us see how you can do it.

Get extended warranty

You can expect your salesperson to tell you about the significance of the extended warranty. Learn that most of the motorcycles in the market are sold with 1 or 2 years of warranty. Also, most of the repairs are very easy to make. So, you need not spend on extended warranty to get the repair done. Visit https://performancenc.ca/vehicules/usages/moto/ to know more about power sports vehicles such as ATV, snow bike, etc.

How long will it take for the purchase?

You can expect the buying process to complete in just a couple of hours. Once you negotiate a final price, you will need to meet people in the finance department who would wish to know the way they will be getting payment. Washing, and prepping of bike, documentation will all take a lot of time to get completed.

Don’t get pressurized

Don’t get pressurized by the marketing skills of the salesperson. Don’t get persuaded by his strategies. Take your own time to make the decision.

Get knowledge about the motorcycle

To minimize the power of sales strategies adopted by salesman, it is required that you increase your knowledge about the motorcycle. Make yourself more and more informed. Perform your own research on specs, price, and performance. Try test rides on bikes that are quite similar to the one you wanted to buy.

Learn about the insurance

Insurance is very important when you are buying any vehicle. An insured bike will save you from hefty expenses. Learn about the insurance cost. Don’t go for very high amount of insurance that you are unable to make its premium payment. Check with 2 or 3 insurers before choosing an insurance product.

Prepare your budget

This is another important tip when making the right purchase. Besides the price of the motorcycle, you will need to make payment on various things to buy a motorcycle. Some of them will be:

  • Riding Gear
  • Sales Tax
  • Dealer Fees
  • Title Transfer
  • Insurance cost


The process of buying a bike looks difficult without proper guidance and support. This guide will prove to be useful in making the best buying decision.

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