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Decoding The Basics About Cannabis Products At A Glance!

Marijuana, cannabis, ganja – no matter what you choose to call it, enthusiasts agree that the high is incomparable. The cannabis plant has over a hundred different compounds called cannabinoids, with terpenes and flavonoids, and the demand for cannabis products has increased drastically in the last few years. In the US, the use of medical marijuana has been legalized in many states, and some have even legalized the use of recreational cannabis. When it comes to cannabis items, you need to select the right brand.

If you are wondering why choose Darwin brands products or want to be sure of your cannabis use, below are some of the basics you need to know.

Understanding cannabis products

Please note that you have to be 21 years of age or older to buy cannabis products legally in most states in the US. Now, if you are buying products, you will find all sorts of options, right from ointments and oils to pills, edibles, distillates, vapes and more. Each product contains THC, or CBD or both. As we mentioned earlier, the cannabis plant has over 100 compounds, but only THC is the one that’s psychoactive and causes that head high. Products that contain THC in less than 0.3 percentage are considered to be CBD products, and CBD is mainly used for pain relief, anxiety and stress.

As far as THC products are considered, there are three options – Indica, sativa and hybrid. Indica is a more relaxing strain of cannabis, while sativa is what gives that energetic high. Hybrid is a mix of both.

Selecting the right brand

Some brands, such as Darwin we mentioned, ensure that their products are sourced from the right place, and there are no compromises as far THC is concerned. The edibles are not sprayed with THC, but actually made with a concoction, which gives the high you are looking for. The good part is most brands have signature lines, so if you are not someone who has tried cannabis products before, you can start with distillates that have as little as 2 mg THC, while some of the advanced ones have 50 mg THC. Brands make a difference to the experience you have with cannabis, and we strongly recommend that you do your research well.

There is no better way of enjoying cannabis and the effects of it, than buying quality products. Check online for options and products now!

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