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What does a Tennis bracelet mean and everything you need to know about it

You must have heard women talking about Tennis bracelets. This piece of jewelry is a must one in everyone’s jewelry box. This is elegant and can enhance your look a lot. If you are wearing a gown or a full-length dress, this will go perfectly with your attire. A diamond is certainly a woman’s best friend and in this piece of jewelry, you are going to get an equal-sized, wonderfully placed beautiful diamond bracelet for your use. Generally, diamonds are used to make such bracelets. But other precious stones can also be used in such jewelry.

Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?

You must be thinking why this bracelet is known as a tennis bracelet? The name actually comes from Tennis matches. The very famous American lawn tennis player Chris Evert was the person behind this, and she started this trend. She played through the 1987 US open. She used to wear such bracelets while playing her game. Thus, people started calling it by that name. This amazingly beautiful piece of jewelery is designed by George Bedawi. As she wore the bracelet throughout the tournament, most of the journalists started acknowledging such bracelets with that name.

How is the design of the bracelet?

This piece of jewelry is very delicate. You will see people wearing simple tennis bracelets swapped in white metal or rose gold. If you want to give your wife a lifetime gift, you can pick out one such bracelet for her. Try to keep the base material pricey. In this particular case, you can go for Platinum. Generally, colorless diamonds are used in this case. Do you want an exclusive diamond bracelet? Then you need to contact the authority.

Can I get this as a part of statement jewelry?

Statement jewelry is pretty popular these days. Everyone wants to wear something specially made. So, this is the best place for that. If you like a particular design, you can reach the website of the company. Ask for customized service from their end. Ask them to provide you with a design that no one has ever made for the partner. You can use this piece of jewelry as statement jewelry. This piece of jewelry is simple and elegant. So it would help if you have planned your dresses accordingly. The white Tennis Bracelets go well with the white gowns and long dresses.

Why do women mostly like diamond bracelets?

Tennis bracelets are pretty stylish. This piece of jewelry can enhance your look a lot even if you are not weaning a happening dress. The relation between women and diamonds is pretty old. Women love wearing elegant jewelry and diamonds are the most elegant piece of stone for them. Diamonds used here have a perfect cut. Apart from diamonds, the whole thing is available with some other precious stones too! You can locate such bracelets on different websites that deal in jewelry. Search the internet for an engagement ring Hatton Garden and get yourself an excellent engagement ring.

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