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What Kind of Camper are You?

Most people like to go camping, and those that don’t, we are glad that you stay home. But when you talk about camping, what do you mean? There are many ways to camp, you can even camp in your backyard. But not everyone has the same goals. Some people like to go as rough as possible, and others are exactly the opposite. Some people camp for a whole season and others are happy with a weekend in the summer. Here is a list of some of the most common types of camping.


RV Land Yacht: There seems to be no limit to what people will choose to bring with them on a camping trip. Fortunately, the makers of recreational vehicles are happy to add every convenience to these massive machines. This way your trip into the forest can seem more like a weekend at the spa. There is nothing wrong with it of course, some people like to be comfortable and have a nice view at the same time. RV’s are a lot of fun and If you can afford it, why not?


Survivalist: This is the other side of the spectrum. The survivalist wants to test their medal. The less you take along, the more points in your favour as you head out into the wilderness. The television series Alone has shown us just how skilled some people are at surviving outdoors. If you can make fire with sticks, and know how to build a shelter, and run a trap line for food. Then this type of camping is for you.


Open Roads: There is another type of camper that doesn’t mind bringing along some extra gear. But camping equipment in Australia is available everywhere, so no need to bring too much. Open Roads camping is the type of camping where you point your car down the road and make your decisions as you go. That way every day is an adventure.


Location Camper: The goal of location camping is to say, “I camped there once.” Typically, this type of camper is looking for the most popular locations, so that they can build up their camp credentials. It is good to get a bumper sticker from every place, and maybe a T-shirt too.


So, what kind of camper are you? Are you one of these, or a mixture of a few? The beauty of camping is that there are no rules. You can camp however you like, within the law of course. But it is always best to do it with people that you like to spend time with. Some of the best human experience can happen while on the road.

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