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Foaming Hand Soap Liquid VS Soap Bars; What to buy?

When it comes to cleansing hands, one question arises a lot, and that being “Should you use liquid soap, or should you use soap bars?” But before we move ahead with the discussion, it’s important to bust a myth. No, Soap bars aren’t unhygienic, and they don’t necessarily transmit germs from one hand to another.

Liquid soap vs soap bars

It’s a common misconception that soap bars aren’t good, but that’s not it; both soap bars and liquid soaps are equally effective with their functioning though they differ slightly with what benefits and drawbacks they have to offer.

For example, liquid soaps are said to have added moisturizer in them, which helps to prevent drying of skin which is experienced after washing hands with bar soap, but at the same time, bar soap creates a higher amount of friction and leads to better cleaning.

The disadvantage of liquid soap is that these are usually costlier than bar soaps, but it’s much more convenient.

So to say which one is better and which one to buy is debatable. It should depend on a person’s use and their budget as well. Till the time it is a Foaming Hand Soap, either of them would work.

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