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Four Important Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Used Piano

Are you looking to purchase a used piano for the first time? If so, it’s not surprising if you feel overwhelmed if you don’t know where to begin. Doing a search online will bring you lots of options that vary in prices, brands, and styles. In fact, even their conditions differ with the market offering from like-new pianos to as-is options.

Buying a piano that has been used by other people can be risky. You might buy one that needs plenty of work. However, there are many great pianos at great Music Stores near me that are waiting for someone who wants to play them. When buying a used piano, there are some things you should keep in mind. They include the following:

An Acoustic Piano Can Last for Six Decades

A lot of antique pianos are beautiful and interesting.  But, if you want to invest in an older piano, you must know about its possible problems. A lot of people think that pianos tend to improve with age, but, pianos usually reach their full potential after around sixty years. Thus, unless you are getting a restored and refurbished piano, you might not enjoy practicing on it.

Regular Tuning and Maintenance are Important for Pianos

When purchasing a piano, you must take keep it tuned and maintained. In climates with predictable seasons, pianos must be tuned in both fall and spring after humidity and weather change. The reason is that a pianos’ wood can be sensitive to humidity changes which will impact its sound and tuning.  Also, the action inside of a piano has plenty of felt parts which swell and wear over time. With worn felt, keys can stick or experience other issues.

Piano Brands are Not Made Equal

As you search for used pianos in the market, you will run across those from various brands. As with other purchases, there is a range of quality between brands. You will want to choose a piano from a reputable brand but depending on your budget, you can also pick one from others. Just ensure you do your research first.

Try the Piano Before you Purchase It

In case you are buying the piano to learn, bring a friend along who plays the piano to try it out. Ensure everything in the piano is working. Let your friend play each key to ensure the consistency of the tone and the functionality of all keys. Also, have the pedals tested out and ensure you are satisfied with how the piano looks from the outside.

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