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Here’s a Handy Checklist to Refer to When Buying a Used Bike

Buying a used motorcycle is no rocket science. All you need is common sense and a few simple guidelines to land into a satisfactory deal. This article provides more of the latter when it comes to buying a moto PerformanceNC usagée.

Here is what to check in the body works:

  1. Fuel tank

The overall condition of the bike and the paint

  1. Fenders and side covers

Always look for scratches, broken side cover, dents etc.

  1. Seat

Check for tears and the missing trim and the collapsed foam as well

  1. Paint and chrome

Check the repaired areas and the overall condition. The chrome must always be in a shiny condition and free from rust

  1. Windshield

It must be properly mounted and check for cracks and glazing as well.

  1. Saddlebags

Check the hard bags for the signs of damage and the soft bags for abrasion or tears, particularly on the wheel side panels.

Here is what to check for engine, transmission and clutch

  1. Oil

Check the oil levels and it must alwas be clean. If you have any doubts, ask when it was last changed.

  1. Oil leaks

Gone are those days of oil leaks, there must be none from the bike.

  1. Starting/running

Every seller will warm up the engine, so tell them to keep the engine cool while you check the vehicle out. This is because when the engine is hot, you can easily hide the flaws of a bike. When you start the engine, no matter if it is cold, always warm it up in a few minutes.

  1. Smoke

If you find any kind of heavy blue or black smoke, then this is a problem.

  1. Idle/throttle response

Know that a warm engine always stays ideal at a reasonable speed. It should also respond to the throttle smoothly. If it spits and sputters in any way before the rpm picks up, know that it is an issue.

  1. Noise

A decent engine should always be quite. If you hear any knocks, rattles and rumbles, then that is a problem.

  1. Transmission

Always check this in the road test. Usually a transmission runs smoothly and must never jump out of the gear. If you are unable to road test the bike, then observe the owner when he runs it through the gear. Look out for the missed shift as it indicates an engagement problem.

  1. Clutch

Ensure that the clutch is well adjusted and it doesn’t drag or slip. A clutch can be tested on the road.

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