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Roberto Cavalli’s Sensual Summer Collection

Sweetly sexy and softly dreamy, Roberto Cavalli’s spring runway offered a perfect assortment of pseudo-seventies styles in a palette of soft pastels and pretty purples. From the floor-sweeping antique lace gowns (very Laura Ingalls Wilder meets Victorian lingerie) to the slightly diaphanous floral-print blouses worn with full-leg trousers, the collection is feminine bohemian perfection.

Around the WhoWhatWearDaily.com office, we’ve been amusing ourselves by referring to this romantic hippie look as romo—it’s like boho, but with more ruffles and less Sienna Miller. Poor puns aside, we had a hunch that we could create an affordable version of the romo styles we saw at Cavalli. With that goal in mind, we pulled a slew of product for today’s story—all under $200, of course—and something’s sure to catch your eye. If nothing but the original will do, we suggest checking out Cavalli’s Pleated Floral Tunic ($1425 on sale) or the mega-platform Wooden Wedge Sandals ($1295 on sale).

  1. Topshop Floral Drop Ruffle Dress ($68)
    The flirty ruffles on the neckline and hem of this summer sundress completely echo the spirit of Cavalli’s runway looks.
  2. Steve Madden Dessire Wedge Sandals ($149.95)
    Balance the floaty romo look with earthy elements, like these five-inch wedge wood sandals. We love how they’re similar to the shoes shown at Cavalli, but still have their own style.
  3. Mogil Vintage Fringe Saddle Bag ($180)
    A little fringe never hurt anyone, especially when attempting a hippie look, so we found this tan leather saddlebag by the Australian brand Mogil. We like how it looks when worn either across the body or on one shoulder with the strap fully extended to maximum length.
  4. Topshop Leather Square Buckle Belt ($49)
    We enjoy juxtaposing the ethereal and girly pieces shown here with sturdier elements, like this simple square leather belt.
  5. Gap Wide Floral Print Scarf ($19.50)
    Gap’s lightweight floral scarf will add a dash of romantic hippie style to any outfit. Not to mention the pretty purple posy print is exactly in the style of Roberto Cavalli’s spring collection!
  6. Anthropologie Building Block Bracelet ($80)
    We love the unassuming beauty of this resin cube bracelet. It’s also available in green and blue, but we like the natural beauty of the brown the best.
  7. Acne Racer-Back Tank ($179)
    This loose-fitting tank from Acne Jeans, our Swedish staple, is made from impeccably cut sheer beige linen. We love the deep armholes and low-cut racer-back fit: it’s sexy, understated, and perfect for the warmer months. Wear it alone and show off your back or layer it over a tighter tank – perfect with ya Gucci sunglasses as well.
  8. Urban Outfitters Grandpa’s Pocket Watch Necklace ($28)
    When creating a romo look, we like to incorporate something that has an antique feeling. This pocket watch necklace doesn’t belong to any of our family members, but it does bring a bit of the past into the present outfit.

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