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Some Of The Top Exports To Come Out Of Colombia

Colombia has a reputation for being a country linked with narcotics, and there is a lot more to this beautiful country that produces many excellent goods which they export worldwide. Colombia is the 55th biggest exporter of goods globally, with many products originating in the Gateway to South America. Below are some of the best exports the country produces, some of which may surprise you.

Colombian Coffee

Coffee is one of the most well-known exports to come out of Colombia and is something that many people have tried no matter where they are in the world. Coffee and spices make up almost 6% of the country’s total exports, and there are many varieties of Colombian coffee available. If you are a coffee lover and have not tried some of the available delicious blended roasts, you do not know what you are missing.

Textiles & Bags

Although the textiles and bags do not make up a massive percentage of Colombia’s total exports, they are significant for the indigenous population who make them. Colombian bags are popular for many people to purchase when visiting and are available in a wide variety of bright colours. They are perfect for taking to the beach or a weekend away, and buying these gives back to the people who produce them and helps them make a living.

Fruits & Nuts

Colombia is also a significant exporter of fruits and nuts, making about 2.5% of the total exports coming from the country. Many different fruits and nuts originate in Colombia, such as passion fruit, dragon fruit, bananas, mangosteen, and melons, although there are more besides these.

Petroleum & Charcoal

The biggest export from Colombia by far, which makes up about 57% of total exports, is crude oil and charcoal briquettes. Colombia is rich with natural resources, and one of the most valuable is oil, although the refinement of this is usually done in other countries.

Gems & Jewellery

Colombia is also well known for the beautiful emeralds it produces, which people use in jewellery throughout the world. They also have many skilled artisans that create beautiful handmade silver jewellery and of high quality. The standard of some of the silver jewellery produced in Colombia is far better than some of the mass-produced items you find coming from factories and is also an excellent way to give back to the local population.

The next time you are going shopping, look for products that come from Colombia. You will not be unsatisfied with the quality of the products they produce, especially when you are drinking your morning coffee or eating some delicious fruit.

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