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What Makes Custom Retail Boxes Attractive to Buyers?

When it comes to ecommerce, custom retail boxes are the new storefront. And when it comes to brick and mortar shops, retail boxes foreshadow the use and enjoyment shoppers get from retail merchandise. In order to hit revenue goals and continue moving products off the shelves, brands need to partner with a retail boxes company that can design and print amazing retail packaging solutions that captivate the imaginations of shoppers.

  1. Structural Engineering for Retail Boxes

Retail boxes need the right shape, material and dimensions in order to protect the merchandise from damage during the shipping and shell stocking process. In addition, retail boxes must showcase the in ways that make it attractive to shoppers.

If the product has special features, the retail box should have a transparent panel or portion to show this off to buyers. In some cases, it can be open if in fact the goal is to let buyers engage with the product’s displayed features while still in the box in a retail store.

In order to make retail boxes packaging attractive to shoppers, you must also use the right box type for the product. There are many types, but the main ones include:

  • Litholam Corrugate
  • Plastic PET boxes
  • Rigid Gift Boxes
  • Folding Cartons
  • Video Boxes
  • Pop Displays
  1. Retail Boxes and their Graphics

Thousands of people browse store aisles every day, and it is important to have head-turning graphics that catch their attention. According to Business.com, more than 32 percent of retail sales originate from catchy graphics on retail packaging. When you work with a product packaging company make sure the design they come up with reflects your buyer personas and appeals to the audience type you are trying to attract.

  1. Retail Boxes can promote Trust

Shoppers have multiple brands to choose from, and many buyers can be won over if you can give them a reason to trust your company. One way of making retail boxes attractive to buyers while giving them a reason to trust you is to use green products in your box design. You will then want to display messaging on the package them tells people your packaging is made from recycled materials, whether its a paper product , aluminum, or recycled plastics.

  1. Promote a Lifestyle Your Customers Want to Live

Another way to make your retail boxes attractive to buyers is to use the space on the product packaging to brand your item with a lifestyle your customers want to live. Ever pay attention to how footballs and soccer balls are packaged? Many come in sturdy litholam corrugate with images that show a guy throwing a touchdown pass, or a guy scoring a goal. Even if people are new to the sport, buying a ball that has packaging showing an athlete excelling at that sport will play on their subconscious and cause them to visualize themselves doing just as well when they go to take the field. Showcase how your product is intended to be used on your retail boxes, and people will buy because they can relate to is and it inspires them.

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