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Why do cats need scratching posts?

Cats love to scratch their nails for different reasons. It is good to keep their nails short. They also leave their scent to establish their territory. Finally it is a way to stretch their body. Scratching is a necessity for a cat. So if you want to spare your couch, a scratching post is definitely recommended.

Taking care of its nails

A cat likes to scratch its nails. Their nails grow really fast, so when they use a scratching post, or your couch, their nails break off in a correct way. It will keep them short and strong. When the nails are too long, they can cause different kinds of problems. They can grow back into the skin. When that happens it can cause infections. It can also hurt your cat when it is walking, when its nails are too long.


When scratching, the cat leaves a trail of its scent. It’s a way to say: ‘This is my territory. If you come into my territory, I will attack you.’ Within their territory they feel safe to eat, play and sleep. In addition, when they go outside for a walk, their scent is their signpost. That is how cats find their way home.


Besides taking care of the nails and leaving a scent, there is one more reason cats like to scratch their nails. When they scratch higher than themselves, they can stretch their muscles. So why do cats stretch all the time? There are several reasons for that. Cats stretch because it feels very nice. But also to keep their muscles flexible and long, which is handy when they are being attacked, so they can jump away easily. Finally, it is also a way to detox themselves, since they get rid of the lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

Tips for the right scratching post

Now you know that scratching is a necessity for a cat, you can spare your furniture by putting at least one scratching post in every room the cat loves to be in. There are different options you can choose from. Please make sure the scratching post stands firmly on the ground and is not wobbly. The poles must be wide enough to put two paws next to each other. In addition, the scratching post must be high enough to be able to stretch out. Finally, the scratching posts must be placed in the walking route of the cat, so that it can find it’s scent easily.

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