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Why Higher Magnification Levels May not be Good

Generally, the best scope magnification is the least magnification that offers a clear target image. Too much magnification makes things go wrong in many ways. For instance, it can shrink the field of view, making it possible for the shooter to find the target as quickly as with less. However, too much magnification is not required either. While you can see an animal better, it can isolate your field of view. A reduced field of view can also be a danger to other hunters because when you zoom around in 20x for a 300 yard, you may not be able to see another hunter enter the scene. That is why many shooters invest in DS Fold Down Levers for easy and quick swapping of magnification levels. The following are the reasons too much magnification may not be good:

It Can Dim the Light that Comes Through the Scope

Increasing magnification means reducing the exit pupil diameter. This impacts the amount of effective light transmission from the scope. If you put 1500 yard shots or further, you may need a bigger optic. But, not many shooters have the knowledge and skill to do so.

It Translates to Move Scope Quiver

A high magnification level makes even small movements throw the reticle off target. Thus, your shot will be affected by everything you do, even breathing. Also, higher magnification decreases a target’s optical clarity. You don’t want to take a long-range shot on an unclear image.

It Drives Up the Price

In terms of a high-powered optic, price may equal quality. Any good, high-powered optic will certainly be more than $1, 000. If you want a scope with 80 power, for instance, be ready to shell out more than three grand for a quality model.

It is Big and Heavy

Higher magnification scopes are quite big and heavy. That is why they may not be suitable for fieldwork since it can be difficult to bring the bear in a fast-moving scenario.

Overall, greater magnification doesn’t always mean better optics. Smaller optics such as the 3-9x, 4-12x, and 6-18x are still great options. They have magnification levels that will cover the majority of the situations average shooters find themselves in.

High-powered optics are only for certain kinds of shooters. You must understand that unless you are a dedicate long-range shooter, you can always get the most benefits from a 3-9x power scope because of better clarity, wider field of view, and higher light transmission.

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