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Buying Crabs? This Guide can Help you Choose Which Type to Get

The crab season is the best time to satisfy your cravings for those meat crustaceans. But, there are different kinds of edible crabs you want to try. The best way to know if they are available is to be informed before shopping for them. This guide will help you discover the availability, distinct qualities, and flavor of different types of crabs used for food:

Blue Crab

These savory beautify swimmers are the most popular crustacean of choice among connoisseurs. Blue crabs have a more distinctive taste than others. They are found along the coasts of Nova Scotia and the Gulf from April to December. But, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to enjoy the sweet, tender meat of these little guys as some crab restaurant in 85212 can have them ready on a plate for you.

Peekytoe Crab

Peekytoe crabs are also called Maine or rock crabs. They are native to cold Maine waters and have inward-facing back legs. They are caught in waters that are 20 feet to 40 feet deep n traps baited with bits of fish. These crabs are coveted by chefs all year round and many people favor them for their silky fine meat and delicate flavor.

Dungeness Crab

These West Coast crabs are available at the coasts from Alaska to Mexico, starting in November until July. These crabs boast of saline, clean taste that is comparable to Maine lobster but with a softer texture. If you want to choose a live crab, look for one that has a spring in its step. The faster the crab, the healthy it is.

Stone Crab

These Floridian crabs have big-beefy claws with a distinctive peachy pink fade into stark black tips. Their flavor crosses between blue crab and Maine lobster. The season for these crabs begins in October and ends in May.

Mud Crab

Mud crabs are abundant along many beaches in Thailand. In restaurants, they are usually steamed and coated in green chili powder served in whole for you to break open and get the meat. These mangrove grabs live in oyster reefs, marshes, and swamps along the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts to Brazil. Mud crabs are harvested from December to April.

Snow Crab

Snow crabs are considered the most economic species of crab. This has to do with their more fibrous, stringy flesh combined with a buttery flavor. These are native to Alaska and their season is from January to April. In Canada, they can be harvested from April to August.

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