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Different Types Glass Pipes Available These Days

People use pipes for smoking which are made of various types of materials like glass, metal, wood or corn cob. However, if you ask a smoker then they will always prefer to use glass pipes.

Following are 5 different varieties of glass pipes that you can get from the best head shop in Tempe and each of them has their own speciality and contribute different experience to smokers.

  • Chillums

Smoking by using chillum is a primitive way of smoking but it is still popular among smokers. While using chillum pipe, you need to pack dry herb at its one end then light it and simply inhale from another end.

The experience of smoking will vary according to types and size of pipes. Any small sized pipes can take smaller amount of herb and also lack carburettors, that will keep the flavour of smoke from getting stale.

  • Spoon pipes

Generally, spoon pipe is the next level from the chillum. It’s shape and construction are quite similar to chillum except that it has a “bowl” at its end, where the product that you want to use is deposited.

However, unlike chillums, your spoon pipes will have a carburettor, that is in fact small hole in tube. Also smoking with spoon pipe is more complicated as compared to smoking with chillum.

  • Sherlock pipes

People recognize this iconic glass pipe style because of that fictional character called Sherlock Holmes. At end of its stem there is a bowl that holds the product where heat is applied.

Then smoke travels up out of the stem. Often this pipe type has much longer-than-typical stem which is referred to as Gandalf pipe, named after another fictional character.

  • Bubblers

Because of bubbles it produces, it has been named so. This kind of pipe is hybrid of glass pipe and bong. Often this kind of pipe is called glass water pipes. Here, water will act as filter for smoke and create tiny bubbles.

Bubblers are used with cold or hot water. Its water temperature will have effect on the flavour and overall experience.

  • Steamrollers

Out of all other glass pipe styles, steamroller is little more complex and complicated for using. Steamrollers have got a tube having bowl on the one end. At each pipe end there will be an opening, with one nearest bowl will serve as a carburettor.

Generally, steamrollers are not suitable for first-time users, and they need some practice before use.

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