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Five Helpful Tips when Buying a Wood Chipper

When you buy any piece of farm equipment, you must do your research to determine exactly what you need and this includes wood chippers. Pruning trees frequently will leave you with many branches on hand. That is why you need to buy a wood chipper to grind wood into wood chips. This will save you from having a pile of dead branches on your farm and offer a steady supply of wood chips you can use for mulch. You can buy a wood chipper at https://payeur.com/. To choose the right machine, consider the tips below:

Consider the Branch Size the Machine can Chip

Wood chippers have a maximum branch diameter that it can effectively reduce to wood chips. Thus, make sure to buy a chipper that matches the branches’ size you plan to process. If you want to grind up small fruit tree branches or young sapling trees, you can invest in a modest chipper that can grind branches up to three inches in diameter. But, if you will be using the machine for heavy-duty work that includes huge branches and trees, you need a bigger, more powerful chipper like one that can chip branches up to six inches in diameter.

Choose How You Want the Machine to be Powered

Wood chippers are available in a variety of sizes and strengths. Also, they can be powered by electrical motors, gasoline engines, or PTO on the tractor. Electric chippers are portable machines that do not require much maintenance. However, they cannot handle very big branches. Gasoline-powered chippers are bigger and require more effort to move around. However, their ability and power can handle big branches.

Consider the Reduction Ratio

This ratio measures how well the chipper can decrease the debris’ size. A chipper that has an 8:1 reduction ratio will decrease debris down to 1/8 of its original size while a chipper with a 12:1 reduction ratio will reduce debris down to 1 ½ of its original size.

Evaluate the Bag Capacity

Some wood chippers are equipped with bags for catching the wood chips when they emerge from the machine. A bag that can hold ten bushels of chips must be emptied with much less frequently than one that only holds three bushes. But, if weight is an issue, you should go with a smaller bag.

Check If there is a Separate Shredding Chute

Some wood chippers come with smaller secondary chutes to shred small debris like leaves. You may find this a useful feature if you are doing general yard work instead of chipping branches.

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