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Glass Pipes: Why You Must Own One? 

When it is about pipe smoking, no other material is as popular as glass. If you have used a glass pipe before, you totally understand what is so great about it. However, if you haven’t, here are a few reasons why you must choose glass pipe over others.

Why is a glass pipe so much better?

It offers quality smoking: First thing which makes glass pipes such a popular choice is it offers a quality and healthy smoking experience. The thing is, hot glass pipes don’t produce extra smoke, like wooden pipes and others, and this means glass smoking is much healthier. Also, glass spoon pipes don’t have a typical residual taste, which is usually associated with pipes of other materials. 

It is sturdy: Glass has much better impact and heat properties compared to others. Besides, since they are molded using one single material, they last longer.

It tastes great: Well, of course we are not talking about the glass here, but smoke. Glass cools down the smoke without interfering with its taste. This means, the fine taste of your delicate herbs will be preserved, and delivered to you just like they are. However, if you don’t like the taste of what you are smoking, be rest assured that the pipe is not at fault, but the product you are smoking is.

It is not very expensive: Most individuals think that glass pipes are expensive. Well, this is not entirely true. Yes, they are a little pricey, but you won’t have to break the bank to buy one. You can get a hand blown pipe or steamroller from a local craftsperson for as little as $25. Nevertheless, if you want a fancier piece, it will be expensive.

It looks great: For many individuals, the appealing and eye catching look of a glass pipe is the first reason why they go after them. They see, big screen stars using glass pipes, and they want to feel that classy smoking action too. Even if you don’t go for an extremely designer one, a simple plain glass pipe will also bring some class along.

It is easy to maintain: Compared to the pipes made using other materials, glass pipes are very easy to clean and maintain. Also, since it is glass, you can actually verify that its clean.

Apart from just being pretty, there are many functional benefits associated with using glass pipes. However, since your primary objective of investing into a glass pipe was to enjoy smoking, be rest assured, you will precisely get that.

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