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How To Choose The Best Deer Feeder? Find Here!

Watching wild deer feeding in your backyard is a sight to behold. To achieve the same, you need a deer feeder. Decades back, DIY troughs were used extensively for feeding wild animals and livestock, but now, you can find some amazing deer feeders in the market. In this post, we will talk about what it takes to find the best deer feeder.

Know the feeding options

You can choose to feed formulated deer food mixes or natural ingredients in the deer feeder, but keep in mind that wild deer can have a unique diet. Do NOT feed corn, which can cause serious complications in the digestive system. Before you buy a feeder, consider the diet first. In case of formulated food, you may have to introduce the same with time by mixing with the natural diet, and it can take the deer about four weeks to get adjusted. Make sure that the fiber and carb content is nicely balanced, which is important for most species.

Buying a deer feeder

Keep in mind that you cannot handle or be around the feeder for long, because deer is sensitive to smell. If the herd smells human scent, the feeding frequency may reduce. For starters, look for a feeder that’s big enough to hold enough food. You also need to check if the feeder has good reviews. There are many websites, where deer feeders of different styles and kinds have been reviewed and compared in detail, which can be really handy. Here are some of the other aspects to consider.

  • Installation. Troughs are easy to install, but there are different types of feeders out there, including the ones that work on gravity. Before you buy a product, check if you need additional assistance for installation.
  • Features. Some deer feeders are battery-powered and will dispense food at regular intervals. Check if the features of the selected product are worth the price. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive one, go for trough.

  • Anti-varmint protection. More users have troubles with racoons and squirrels feeding from the feeder, which is something worth avoiding. Many feeders have anti-varmint trap and protection, which can be a good advantage.

Lastly, make sure that the feeder is easy to use and will withstand the extreme weather conditions in the winters, because that’s when deer herds come close to human establishments for food. Check online and find a few choices now!

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