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How to Make Your Sterling Silver Picture Frames Look New

Sterling Silver Hallmarked Frames is a unique gift for an anniversary. These exquisite picture frames have been passed down from generation to generation. A fine quality restoration is enjoyed for many years to come. The left picture shows the actual condition of the sterling silver picture frame before restoration. Right picture after new polish and fabric of sterling silver picture frame.

In this article, I will give you information on how to restore it. You can start your restoration by disassembling the silver easel stand by loosening the screws attached to the back panel. The back panel has one screw on its top as well as the bottom. Put all of them on a soft cloth and pull it up.

Put the fabric on it and put back the top on the frame to find the screw that holds it in place. Now take the sterling silver top back piece and slide it to the backside of the frame and lift the bottom down gently with pliers. You should see the screw that holds it in place. Slide this bottom part of the frame gently along the top edge of the fabric. This will loosen the ribbon in the left photo and expose the glue behind it.

Now, remove the backing off the sterling silver photo frames carefully. Look for the original fabric that was used to create the frame. Check the ribbon also to see if it’s still attached. If so, insert the ribbon into the fabric snugly. You should now be able to see the original fabric in the left photo and the left picture frame in the right one.

Place the original sterling silver frame on the easel next to the new blue velvet fabric. Slide the fabric underneath the frame until you get to the bottom edge. Then, gently unfold it over the frame and hold it in place as you would any other frame. The new frame should go on the easel next. Use the same technique as you did with the original fabric to attach it to the easel. Then you can attach the new wooden back piece and glue it to the frame to hold it in place.

That’s it. Your newly decorated Sterling Silver Picture Frames are ready for display. The right photo shows your daughter smiling as she opens her present. The left photo shows you placing the gift for your best friend.

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