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Know the Different Types of Shooting Targets Used in Competitions!

Shooting is not just a fun game but great competitive sport too. Shooting has always been a part of the modern summer Olympics since its beginning in 1896. There are a variety of shooting games each of which uses a different kind of target. Here is a list of shooting competitions and the targets used.

Types of shooting competitions

  1. Competitive shooting

These types of shootings generally use shotguns for the competition purpose. Moreover, they use a clay target for the purpose. They are further divided into 3 types –

  • Skeet – Targets are shot from the opposite direction.
  • Trap – The target is thrown in the same direction.
  • Sporting clay – The targets are pitched from different sides, height, speed and angles.
  1. Pistol and rifle shooting competition

Cowboy action shooting – Just like the name suggests, the shooting features guns of the cowboy era i.e. 1800s. This event is best for antique weaponry lovers.

They can be again divided into 2 categories –

Pistol shooting –

They are again of 2 types

  • Bullseye shooting – It is a long-distance shooting my pistol up to a distance of 50 yards. Generally, it features mixed rounds of slow and rapid shooting. The difficulty level is often increased by using timers or single hand grip instead of double.
  • International defensive pistol association shooting events – This shooting event solely focuses on international rules and guns. The primary focus of the event is self-defence or any other real-life situation.

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Rifle shooting events

Silhouette shooting – They generally use small gauge rifle like 22s. Moreover, they have targets installed between a distance of 50 and 100 yards. The targets installed may be at different heights, angles, or may move. Just like bullseye shooting, the difficulty level is increased by the use of a timer.

Bench rest shooting – It is the most precise form of shooting for the rifles available. Just like the name, a rifle sits on the table and shooters aim at the paper targets. It is a part of both winter and summer Olympics as well.

There can be many other kinds of shootings famous in different local areas across the globe. However, the primary focus is the type of target users.

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