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Simon G Rings

If you’re passionate about jewelry, you’ve probably heard the name Simon G before. But how much do you know about the designer and his brand? This article will give you some more information about the incredible creator of such stunning rings.

Simon G, or Simon Ghanimian, grew up in Beirut, where he learnt from a young age that the best way to make his way in life was to use his hands. At first, he crafted jewelry in his spare time as a hobby, but it eventually developed into a career. He moved to Los Angeles and started his company in 1980 where it is still thriving today.

Simon G rings have an impressive combination of old-world tradition and a demand for perfection, creating stunningly crafted pieces.

The way in which the Simon G pieces are designed is also impressively interesting. Starting with a hand-drawn design, progressing to a computer-modelled outline to follow whilst creating the piece. The diamonds and gemstones for the piece are then hand-set and an intense quality control check begins. Simon G is incredibly focussed on creating the most perfect pieces, and so these checks ensure that no flaw is overlooked, resulting in utterly flawless jewelry.

The brand is well-recognised and admired for the combination of various precious metals and coloured gemstones and diamonds, with a huge variety to choose from. Some pieces are relatively simple, with classic twists, like the Simon G. PR108 Classic Romance Diamond Engagement Ring. This ring is available in various metals and is simple but completely stunning- perfect for anyone who favours a timeless style for their jewelry. For anyone who is a fan of the classical style but likes a small twist, the 18k White Gold Simon G. MR2956 Solitaire Engagement Ring is perfect.

A beautiful ring with a small golden feature just under the diamond drawing the eye in, and sure to stun anyone. For someone with a more lavish taste who prefers some glitz and glamour over the simpler styles, the 18k White Gold Simon G. MR1596 Fabled Diamond Engagement Ring is just perfect. With an overlapping twist that makes two infinity symbols in diamonds, there are more diamonds set in the support under the centre stone, visible from the sides creating an extra sparkle from various angles.

There is a ring for any taste in the various Simon G collections. Having been going for nearly 30 years, Simon understands exactly how to create the highest quality pieces with the most beautiful designs to wow anyone. Simon G was inspired by the Louvre in Paris which lead to the creation of his Mosaic Collection, after being intrigued by the tiling on the floor. The 18k Gold Simon G. LP2068-A White and Rose Diamond Engagement Ring is a perfect example of the incredible design skills that Simon G has managed to pull off, with impeccable detailing.

Overall, Simon G rings have a huge range with a fascinating story, with something to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re a fan of timeless classics or prefer as much glamour and sparkle as possible, you’ll find the perfect ring for you with Simon G.

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