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Understanding and Appreciating Abstract Art

Abstract art is a mystery to many people, but for the artist it’s a puzzle that begs to be solved. For those who aren’t very accustomed to it, you could compare it to a foreign language that’s spoken in colours, forms, shapes and lines. But once we start understanding this type of art, we begin to see its beauty, depth, and power.

Abstract art began in the early 20th century where artists began to explore new territories, breaking away from more traditional art that generally depicted reality in the forms of scenes, portraits and objects. They started using colours and shapes to express feelings, emotions, and ideas. These artists dared to delve into the abstract, creating striking pieces that continue to influence the art world today.

To really understand this type of art, we need to shed our traditional values of what art should be. For me, this would have been a picture or painting that looks as detailed as possible or as close to real as possible. The more detailed the picture, the better I would class the picture. Abstract art however, isn’t about representing reality, it’s about expressing the intangible and translating emotions and thoughts into visuals. Elements like colours, shapes, textures and lines become tools in the artist’s hands, used to paint pictures of the mind and soul.

One thing to note is that abstract art does not have to be understood! It can simply be appreciated. But to be appreciated, we need to change our perspective and stop looking for familiar shapes and forms, and instead, allow ourselves to feel the art. Let the colours wash over you, let the shapes speak to you, let the lines guide you. Each abstract painting is a journey, and each viewer is a traveller, taking their own unique path and therefore having that own take on it.

In Australia there is a rich history of abstract art and many Australian artists have made significant contributions. The Australian market has seen good growth, reflecting a growing appreciation for this style of art. According to a recent report, the Australian art market is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2024, with abstract art accounting for a sizeable portion of this growth.

This style of art has definitely left its mark on modern society by influencing not just other art forms, but also fashion, design, and even architecture. It’s a testament to the use of abstract ideas, and their ability make our world more interesting.

To appreciate abstract art you don’t have to continuously think about deciphering shapes and colours, you just need to open your mind to new perspectives, new ideas, and new ways of seeing the world. Recognising the beauty in the abstract and find meaning in the seemingly meaningless. So next time you come across an abstract painting, don’t just look at it, try to see, feel and experience it.

If you’re an artist yourself, a collector, or just a bit of an enthusiast, then it hard to deny the allure of abstract art. Its mystery, its depth, and its sheer beauty make it a fascinating field to explore.

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