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Buying a New Washing Machine? Here’s what to Look For

Shopping for a washing machine can be daunting as you have to pick from many models. However, you can manage the task if you know exactly what to look for. It’s important to decide on your requirements before you start shopping. Here are factors that you should take into account when buying a Laveuse:


Your decision in terms of the washer capacity depends on many factors including the number of people the machine will service and how often you do laundry. If you have a bigger family, you want to invest in a bigger capacity machine in the range of 7 kg to 7.5 kg. If you are single or living alone, a 5-kg machine will usually suffice.


If you want to buy an automatic machine, you only have to connect it to a water source, add the detergent and the laundry and the washer does the rest based on a preset cycle. The machine takes water and discards it as what the cycle requires. But, if you want a semi-automatic machine, you will have to add the water separately and remove the clothes manually from the machine and place them in the dryer. The water requirement is the main difference between these machines. Thus, if you live in an area that experiences regular water shortage, a fully automatic washer cannot take as much water as it needs.

Top or Front Loading

Both of these machines have their own advantages. Top load machines are easier to use since you do not need to crouch down to put the laundry in. Also, as the hatch does not come in contact with water during the wash, a mould buildup won’t be possible. Meanwhile, front-loading machines are more expensive than top loaders because they are new in the market. They are equipped with the newest tech innovations.

Programs and Requirements

The type of machine to buy will depend on your requirements. Thus, if you have a baby, you want a washer that can wash delicate clothes thoroughly without leaving any residual detergent. Also, if you are allergic to detergents, choose a machine with an anti-allergen function.

An excellent feature to have is a tub-clean function. Essentially, washers deal with soil and dirt and over time, bacteria will build up in them from all the water and grime. This function is an auto-preset that cleans the tub thoroughly before you place the laundry in it, ensuring your laundry comes out in a sanitised tub.

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