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 A Tokers Delight, Everything You Need to Stay High

 If you enjoy a good old smoke of some exotic herbs, then you will fully appreciate how important the equipment is that you use. Sometimes a, self-made, one hitter that gives you a wham bam thank you man state of mind will do, however, if you are a person that admires the process of preparing and smoking herbs, then it probably would be a quick fix, get me out of a bind sort of solution. So, where do you get good quality smoking gear from and what is available?

It’s all in the wow factor

If you have ever used quality smoking equipment, then you know how much of a difference it can make, for example, if you are trying to have a smoke and your lighter fails every other time you try to use it then it can be an absolute pain in the backside, probably finding yourself scrabbling around in search of a source of ignition.

There are an insane number of choices when it comes to the choice of device you use and, from a quick glance it is clear that herbs aren’t the only thing being smoked, super strong glass wear is also available, just in case you like to partake in some less common extracurricular activities. Other critical smoking accessories are also available ranging from bongs, lighters, peace pipes, grinders, gausses, special mouth wash and equipment cleaning utensils to ensure you smoking tools stay in good shape.

Hit me

The real decision will all be around how you enjoy your smoke, are you a bong smoker, pipe smoker, spliff smoker etc and do you like to smoke dry or with something additional to help your intake go down well. There are bongs available that have water chambers and chambers for holding ice so you can have the smoothest and most efficient intake of your chosen substance, the really special ones help you keep your cool too!

Where do You Keep Your Stash?

Had you considered improving the method in which you, ‘store your stash’? Kind of going hand in hand with accessories, but in their very own class, you will definitely want to make a thorough inspection of the different housing options. You can get something that fits your personality, something really bold or, something with more of a concealable nature, that sir is all down to you, all you have to do is to make a quick Internet search for smoking equipment suppliers near you.

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